Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We see day in and day out several cases of Neuropathy in our office. Not only that but we get alot of calls from patients asking us if we treat neuropathy. Well in short the answer is yes. You see neuropathy is used as a "catch all" phrase for the symptoms of tingling, pins needles etc. feeling that forms in your feet and or in the arms and hands. Now what most patients dont understand is that treating neuropathy is one thing (the symptom) and treating the cause of the neurpathy is quite another.
Most patients that come in with neuropathy have been diagnosed by their family doctor and are prescribed neurotin or some other drug to control the discomfort. That is fine, and we support that desicion but lets not just stop there with taking something that "masks" the symptoms. Lets find out what is causing the neuropathy and treat that. This way we are treating the cause of the symtpoms insted of treating only the symtoms.

With that being said, we must determine what is causing the symptoms. Usually the culprit is nerve irritation. But what is causing the irritation. Well that can be from degenerative discs in the spine, Diabetes, muscles tightening around the main nerve and or a host of other physical problems. Once the cause is identified then you can begin to come up with a treatment plan.

The treatment plans as you probably guessed vary just as much as the different causes of neuropathy. They can range from simple solutions such as stretching and muscle work to needing to obtain an MRI and undergo decompression treatments. But the easiest way to determine the cause is to get an evaluation by one of our Doctors and find out what is causing the irritation instead of just taking endless medications to cover up the symptoms.

The MAGNA team.

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