Monday, July 4, 2011

Today's Fashion, Tomorrow's Pain?

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Today's Fashion Can Be Tomorrow's Pain
Looking your best might not always be the best thing for you. Today's society is extremely fashion and style conscious. Unfortunately, clothing designers and stylists aim to please by creating unique looks that might not always be practical or even comfortable. The popular looks and accessories are frequently impractical and could create leg, back, and spine or neck problems. Follow these simple suggestions and you'll find that being fashionable can be comfortable.
  • Choose comfortable, supportive shoes. If you must wear heels, bring a pair of flats to wear while walking to and from work. The wrong shoe can affect the body's center of gravity.
  • Take frequent breaks from sitting to alleviate atrophy of hamstring muscles.
  • Avoid excessive wear of tight pants or clothing. Choose styles that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease.
  • Select a briefcase or purse with a wide, adjustable strap. Ideally, the strap should be long enough to place over the head. This evenly distributes the bulk of the weight across the body.
  • When carrying a bag, or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the burden of the weight on one side of your body.
  • Take the time to empty unnecessary items from your bag.
  • Place all necessary items-such as wallets and cell phones-in the front pockets of the bag. Stretching around to reach for your wallet can result in a pulled neck or back.
  • If you are driving or sitting for a long time, remove your wallet from the back pocket of your pants.

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